Natural Gemstones For Sale

Browse our Gems Store and select your favorite gemstone, you can choose from a huge variety of precious stones, semi precious and other rare gemstones for sale from the most popular and rare minerals family.

In our Gem Store you can find a huge selection of natural and genuine earth mined stones, all kind of colored gemstones and precious stones, sorted by color: red gemstones, pink gems, yellow stones, blue colored gemstones, green gems, by faceted cut and shapes like: oval, octagonal, round brilliant, cabochon, fancy cut and by gems mineral family.

Buy your new gemstone online on our Gem Shop at wholesale price, save money for your jewel or for new pieces in your gems collection and create your next new jewel at competitive rates.

Every stone uploaded on our website present its unique characteristics described in the gem description page where you can see the real image of the stono to better describe its appearance and beauty.

Every gemstone photo uploaded on our website is taken by the real gemstone you will receive with your order, we don’t use stock photos or generic images. You will have what you see.

All our gemstones are natural and produced by Mother nature, so this means that every gemstone is a unique product with its quality, properties and characteristics which makes it unique in the world.

Showing 1–16 of 619 results

Showing 1–16 of 619 results