About us

About us

Our company

We’ve had the pleasure to provide quality gemstones to jewelers and gemstone collectors all over the world over the past years and we would like to thank you and all of our other loyal satisfied customers for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your business partner. We are so grateful for the long-standing relationships we’ve built over the past years, including many of the world’s finest jewelry stores, designers, artists, suppliers and gemstones resellers.

We have a huge large selection of precious gemstones, rare gemstones and colored gemstones, with the best customer service always available to help you find your gemstone or solve your problem.

We buy rough gemstones directly from the miners in large quantity, then sent the rough to our gem cutter partner service, that provide us good quality at a very competitive rates so we can offer beautiful natural gemstones at very affordable price. This mean more profit for jewellers, designers, gemstone resellers and saving for customers and gems collectors.


Our gemstones

We specialize in faceted precious gemstones, rare gemstones, colored gems, commercial gemstones, medium high quality gemstones, top grade gems, calibrated gemstones, matching pairs, gemstone lots, carved gemstones, cabochons, cat’s eye gemstones, star sapphire and rubies, color change stones, milticolor stones like tourmalines and opal and much more!

Of course, because of our direct contact with miners and gem cutters, we have good gem selection at the best prices on the market, so on our website you can shopping good quality Ruby, Ceylon Sapphire, Tourmaline, Garnets, Beryls, Emeralds, Diamonds, Opals, Quartz and more. We have thousands gemstones available online and every stone shown on our online stock is guaranteed available! Be sure to check our New Products Section weekly, because we have a large inventory to put online. Our popular gems move quickly and you don’t want to miss out on these deals. With our fast, reliable shipping, we can deliver door-to-door in as little as few days to anywhere in the world with International Airmail service.


BuyGems can offer you any kind of quality gems, from low to high quality at the best wholesale prices because we buy our gems close to the source. You can be confident in our fast, reliable shipping and our excellent customer service and above all else, you can be sure that you receive the absolute best quality gemstones.

How can we offer such a strong guarantee?

Because we individually photograph each and every gemstone we sell. No stock images and multiple profile views of each and every item. We describe accurately any gemstone presented in our gem boutique online.

No other gemstone website provides as much detail as us.

And we know that when it comes to buying colored gemstones online, it’s important to know exactly what you buying. With BuyGems, what you see is exactly what you get!