Gemological Certificate

At BuyGems we are able to provide you gemological certificate for our gemstones showed in our online store. We sell only natural and genuine earth mined gemstones, precious stone, gem rough, so we have no problem to provide you a gemological certificate for your next gemstone that will guarantee the natural origin of our gems.

If required we can provide gemological certificate from the most reliable gemological institute from gem industry.

You need to contact us before buy the gemstone that you want, so we can discuss about the price of the certificate. Take present that the gemstone need to be shipped to the institute to be analyzed and certificated, when done we can ship the gemstone to your paypal address.

This means delay in delivery, but don’t worry when shipped you will be contacted with the tracking number as usual.

Analize a gemstone require some times and efforts and make a certification from a reliable gomological laboratory is not cheap or affordable. Only unknow labs can offer cheap certificate for 15 or 20 dollars, keep in mind that a trustworthy lab needs high technology equipment, gemologist trainings, books, tools and more, so you can understand that a professional gemological certificate can’t cost few dollars.

Usually the price for a gemological certificate from a reliable laboratory can cost more of 100 US dollars and up, but it can depends from the gemstone weight. So you understand that only a certain kind of gemstone worth an expensive gemological certificate. We suggest you to ask for a certificate only for gemstone and precious stone with value over 500 or 1000$.

Keep in mind than gemological certificate must be considered: like an opinion from an expert gemologist, but sometimes mistakes happens, some gemological labs try to estimate gemstone origin, but also if they are very experts in the gemstone field, try to estimate the origin of a gemstone sounds pretty difficult and hard to believe.

Sometimes some gemological laboratory can judge erronely a gemstone, also if they use advanced technology, but human mistake happens everyday. So is not uncommon to receive two different analisys about the same gemstone from two different gem laboratories.

If you contact us for a gemological certificate about one of our gemstone we can estimate the price will cost you in few days.

Consider that the price of the certificate is not refundable, but you can decide to decline the purchase of the gemstone.

We will reserve to decide to decline to send our stones to any institute considered risky or not trustworthy.