Legal Notice

Legal Notice

All items are guaranteed at BuyGems. We ensure that you always get what you pay for. All the gemstones showed in our website, are exactly what you will receive with your order. At BuyGems, we are 100% committed to the pursuit of total customer satisfaction with each and every sale, and it is our primary objective to bring you stunning, fine quality gemstones at really affordable wholesale prices. Our goal is to ensure you peace of mind every time that you shop at BuyGems, and it is our guarantee that you will leave here satisfied.


All gems at BuyGems are guaranteed to be as stated. Our expert staff carefully inspects and measures each gem.

Natural Gemstones

Every gemstone from BuyGems is a natural and genuine earth mined gemstone. We do not deal in synthetic, imitation, man-made or any other lab-created product.

What You See, is What You Get

Each gem photograph is of the actual gem you will receive. We do not use stock photographs or similar photos for different stones. On BuyGems you can evaluate your gemstone from your desktop, tablet, smartphone and decide to buy it or pass.

Satisfaction guarantee

All points above are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. No question asked. 30 days inspection period for you to evaluate your new gemstone, if you are not satisfied contact us for a fast return and we will refund your money as fast as we receive the gemstone from you.

We stand by our gems, as our customers stand by us. If you need more info about how to return a gemstone and get refunded, please visit our Return and Refund section on our website.

Natural Gemstones and Gemstones Treatments

All the gems we sell in our online boutique are accurately described to the very best of our knowledge, we are glad to specify Gem Type, Size, Carat Weight, Shape and Cut, Color, Clarity,  Origin and Treatment when known.

We guarantee that all of our items for sale are Natural Gemstones and fully disclose all gem treatments and enhancements applied if known.

Some gemstones showed on our website are process by common treatment, like: heat (corundum, tanzanite), irradiation (topaz), colorless oil (emerald), fracture filled (rubies), coated (topaz) and every treatment are clearly declared in any gem description on our website.

All photographs are actual images of the gemstone you will receive. We ensure that we show the most accurate representation of the actual gemstone on-screen. Sometimes is difficult to take the beauty of a gemstone in an image, color and clarity are usually better in person, so we are sure you will not be disappointed after received your gem.  We do not ‘doll-up’ any pictures for the sake of a quick sale. It is in our best interest and for the benefit of you and all our customers to not portray any item online to be better than it actually is. We take photos to show you all the possible defect in our gemstone so you can judge and decide to buy it or not.

Gemstone Clarity Scale

IF – Extra Fine Quality. These gems have only microscopic inclusions which are difficult to slightly difficult to see under a loupe with 10x magnification.

VVS – Very Fine Quality. Small pin-pricks are just visible to the scrutiny of the close naked eye. However, the beauty of the gem is not diminished in anyway.

VSI – Fine Quality. Small pin-pricks and feathers are just visible to the scrutiny of the close naked eye. However, the overall beauty of the gem is still not diminished. Good Quality. These gems have inclusions which are difficult to see to the close naked eye. However, the overall beauty of the gem is still high.

SI – Good to Medium Quality. These gems have inclusions which are fairly easy to see under the close naked eye. These inclusions are usually not really visible at an arm’s length.

I- Medium to the lower qualities. Included gems with internal features that range from eye visible to very easily seen to the naked eye.