10.60 ct Natural orange mexican fire Opal loose gemstone


This is a natural fire Opal loose gemstone, totally genuine and untreated, this opal was earth mined in Messico. Now for sale at wholesale price, this mexican fire opal comes with a beauty round faceted cut, it present an attractive orangish color hue with some tint of yellow, with medium tone and good saturation. This big sized mexican Opal weight over ten carat, it has not strong opalescence and play of colors, duo to its translucent milky clarity,  but it has nice size and is very eye catchy. Offered at affordable price, this opal gemstone can be used to realize attractive creation at affordable price. It can be shipped worldwide and can be paid via paypal.

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  • Material: 100% Natural Opal
  • Quantity: 1
  • Color: Orangish Yellow
  • Weight: 10.60 ct
  • Dimensions: 15.5 X 10.3 mm.
  • Cut: Oval
  • Clarity: Traslucent
  • Luster: Good
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Hardness: 5.5
  • Treatment: None