Demantoid Garnet


Demantoid is the green variety of the mineral andradite, a member of the Garnet group of minerals, chromium is the cause of the demantoid gemstone green color. Demantoid as Tsavorite is the only green color variety of Garnet, and it is the most expensive.
Many countries have been found to have this garnet variety deposits, including Russia and Namibia, it is also found in other locations like Italy, Afghanistan and Madagascar. Its name means “like a diamond” because this gemstone has an high luster and brilliance that make this stone really attractive and desirable.
The finest variety of this beautiful gemstone is green, especially when close to emerald color, but it can be found also with some tint of yellow, and brown. Demantoid are rare in big size, and eye clean clarity are really high priced, some collectors loves also the typical horsetail like inclusions that makes this kind of gemstone unique. Like any other gemstones from the Garnet mineral family, it has an hardness of 7 and can be easily set into jewelry.

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