Ametrine is a particular kind of stone, from the Quartz mineral family, with the colors of both amethyst and citrine in the same gem that makes this variety of Quartz very attractive and interesting. Found only in Bolivia mines, Ametrine is not particular rare, large ametrine gemstones over 5 carats are commons.
Fine stones shows strong color saturation with vivid purple and yellowish orange color, especially in larger gems, which tend to display the most intensely saturated hues. Cutters usually try to get an attractive half-and-half distribution of both colors, with a sharp boundary between the purple and yellow in the center of the gemstone.
The most common cut for this curios gemstone variety of Quartz is rectangular step cut, or octagonal emerald cut, that emphasize both colors equally, but can be found in traditional oval cut or in millennium cut with concave facets or even fancy cut.
Like amethyst, ametrine can be easily found in big size and eye clean clarity. Color saturation and distribution with the weight and size is the most important factor to decide its price.

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