Fluorite is the natural crystalline form of calcium fluoride and often it forms beautiful cube-shaped crystals. It is a transparent to translucent mineral. Fluorite is a very common and popular mineral, fluorite gemstones crosses the entire color spectrum from deep purple to green, pink, blue and orange to lemon yellow. Sometimes Fluorite can also found with banded color zone and visible striations. This stone is one of the most famous fluorescent minerals which displays strong fluoresce in a great variety of colors. Unfortunately it is a soft stone with Mohs hardness scale of 4, so its not appropriated to be used in jewelry, but it is really appreciated by gem collectors duo to its attractive colors and characteristics. Unusually untreated and not enhanced, fluorite is cut in a large variety of shape from cabochon to faceted, often with concave facets to improve the color and sparkle of this beautiful gemstone. In some rare case can display an attractive color change from a deep light blue to a purplish red.

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