Andesine is a feldspar family variety derived from some kind of Labradorite treated by copper diffusion, when it presents vivid red color with some tint of orange it is the most valued. It is not a very popular gemstone, but it is becoming more popular due to its attractiveness and low affordable price, which makes this gem really interesting for jewelry and collectors. It comes in a range of colors from white, gray, yellow, green and red it also ranges from opaque to transparent with the opaque the more common. The red variety, which presents some tint of orange and yellow is the most priced variety of this material. Usually found opaque, translucent gemstones and transparent with eye clean clarity are the most priced. It is a very attractive gemstone with its unique color and typical silver flashes iridescence that makes this gemstone really adorable. Can be found in various size, and usually faceted into popular commercial cut like: oval, pear and similar shape. Can be mined (the original Feldspar Labradorite) in different countries like: China, Mongolia, Tibet and Andes Mountains where be first found and gives them their names.

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