Apatite is a beautiful gemstone which can be easily confused with many other similar gemstones, especially when they comes with neon blue color that is very similar to the Paraiba tourmaline color, sometimes it can also be easily confused for blue Zircon. From the ancient Greek the word Apatite means “Deceit” or “Cheat”. It is the most common phosphate mineral, it is available in many different blue tonalities, green, pink, yellow and also violet. The light green variety of this gemstone is called asparagus stone due to the color. The most attractive and wanted color is the neon blue hue. This gem is found in many deposits worldwide and it is commonly available. Usually faceted when present nice transparent clarity without visible inclusions into the crystal, this gemstone can also be cut in cabochon and display a chatoyancy effect, also called cat’s eye effect. It has an hardness of 5 and it is loved by gems collectors.

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