Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl mineral family, it is not quite as scarce, but still counts as a rare variety, with its brilliance and luster, combined with its hardness, durability, excellent properties, transparent clarity, and attractive color, morganite is very appreciated and used in jewelry. This material is mined in many locations around the world, especially in Brazil and Madagascar. It is easy to find with pale pink color, but its color hue can ranges from pale pink to deep pink, violet-pink, peach, bright pink, or salmon color with strong saturation and medium dark tone that makes this gemstone more attractive. Unlike emerald, morganite occurs easily with nice eye clean clarity especially for small size gemstones, some visible inclusions are often found in larger morganite over five carats, usually cut into faceted gemstones and popular shapes like: oval, trilliant, cushion, pear. Some stones are routinely heat treated to improve its delicate color and remove any yellow tones, this treatment is stable and considered acceptable, but typically it is not treated.

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