Lapis Lazuli


Lapis lazuli is a very ancient gemstone, also used by Egyptian and Pharaons for their funeral mask, usually forms in crystalline marble it is primarily composed of three materials: lazurite, calcite, pyrite. The finest and more desirable Lapis lazuli gemstones exhibit an evenly distributed color and have no visible deposits of calcite and a moderate amount of gold pyrite, must have a uniform bright royal blue color hue, well saturated with medium tone. It is an opaque stone and usually is cut into cabochon, rarely can be found also in faceted cut. It can be used for carving sculptures, beads, bracelets, rings or vases.
This kind of stone is rarely treated, but it may be impregnated with wax or resin to improve color and luster, sometimes some unscrupulous seller try to sell dyed howlite or jasper as lapis lazuli for a premium price. This ancient stone is commonly used in jewelry duo to its beauty and hardness of 5.6/6.5 on the Mohs mineral scale.

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