Tourmaline is a fantastic gemstone, that can be found in all colors of the rainbow, duo to its wide range of color availability, tourmaline is considered to be one of today’s most versatile gemstones, it can exhibit different color like red (Rubellite), blue (indicolite), green, yellow, black, brownish orange, pink, bicolored and multicolored like watermelon tourmalines.
Usually found with eye clean clarity, it is loved by jewelers and gem collectors. Sometimes rare crystals can include rutile needles inclusions an present the cat’s eye optical effect. The common specimens are black colored and called Schorl, the rarest and most expensive is the Paraiba tourmaline with its unique greenish blue color hue caused by copper and found only in Brazil. But also Rubellite, watermelon, multicolor and bicolor are also highly priced. Some rare gems also show a nice color change effect, under different light conditions, that make them more desirable and attractive.

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