Amethyst is the purple variety of Quartz. It is a type of gem and widely used in jewelry since ancient times. Amethyst can have many shades of color ranging from pale lilac to more intense and saturated purple color. For centuries it was the most expensive and desired variety of Quartz. Sometimes it can presents some banded color zoning into the crystals. Usually this popular gemstones has good eye clean clarity without visible inclusions, but sometimes especially from material from Zambia, Africa, can presents some minor inclusions.
This is a popular and very ancient gemstone which can be shaped and cut into a variety of freeform shapes and fancy cut or traditional faceted cut (oval, emerald, square, trilliant, round etc..), cabochon and in some cases carved into creative designs and sculptures.
Amethyst is a common material so can be found in big size and big lot with similar color.

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