3.01 ct Natural Sky blue Topaz gemstone


For sale this sky blue topaz loose gemstone, available on our online gems store at wholesale price. This interesting gemstone comes comes from Brazil, where it was genuine earth mined. Shaped and faceted into an elegant octagonal step cut with good size and proportions this brazilian topaz loose gemstone weight over three carats, it is completely natural, but it was irradiated to enhance its pale blue color hue, now more deep and saturated. Any jeweller would like this beautiful light blue gemstone, perfect to be set in their creation. This brazilian topaz display a light blue color hue with nice proportion of color tone and saturation. This light blue topaz has transparent clarity with minor inclusions almost invisible to naked eye, but we rate its clarity vsi/si so the price of this gemstone is discounted for our customers. Topaz is considered an affordable gemstone and durable gemstone, perfect to be used in jewelry with an hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, it can be easily mounted on any jewelry. Topaz is november birthstone associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign, it helps to communicate and increase self confidence.

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  • Material: 100% Natural Topaz
  • Quantity: 1
  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Weight: 3.01 ct
  • Dimensions: 9.0 X 7.0 X 4.7 mm.
  • Cut: Octagon
  • Clarity: VSI/SI
  • Luster: Good
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Hardness: 8
  • Treatment: Irradiated