3.87 ct Natural white Topaz gemstone


This is an interesting topaz loose natural gemstone, which was genuine earth mined in Brazil. This beautiful stone comes shaped into a well proportioned cushion faceted cut, rich of sparkle and shine, with good size and weight of over three, almost four carats. This natural colorless topaz loose gemstone is untreated, present a nice VVS eye clean clarity without visible inclusions through the table of the gem. Colorless topaz are not rare to find, but they are a great gemstone to impress, very affordable, durable and rich of fire, colorless topaz is the perfect stone to create elegant and original jewelry. Buy it now with confidence, with your credit card or paypal and feel free to ask us a refund if you are not satisfied with your order. We ship worldwide via registered airmail trackable online.

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  • Material: 100% Natural Topaz
  • Quantity: 1
  • Color: Colorless White
  • Weight: 3.87 ct
  • Dimensions: 9.2 X 9.1 X 6.0 mm.
  • Cut: Cushion
  • Clarity: VVS
  • Luster: Very Good
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Hardness: 8
  • Treatment: None