Alexandrite is a very rare colored gemstone, famous for its color change property, which switch from green hue in daylight to red under incandescent light. With strong pleochroism it is a really beautiful and attractive gemstone from the Chrysoberyl mineral family. With 8.5 of hardness on the Mohs scale, Alexandrite is useful and loved by jewelers and collectors. It is rare to find with eye clean clarity and strong color saturation, especially in larger size. Sometimes it present some inclusions that let when cut in cabochon exhibiting chatoyancy or the so called cat’s eye effect. The original source of this rare material is in the Ural mountains in Russia, but nowadays can be mined also in Brazil, Myanmar, Africa e Sri Lanka. Finest gem quality of Alexandrite is very expensive in large size duo to its rarity, and can cost more that a sapphire or an emerald. Duo to its rarity and beauty with its unique color change effect, it is one of the most favorite gemstones wanted by gem collectors.

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